General Electrical Work

Electrical Fault Finding

Resolving electrical problems

It takes expertise and experience to locate an electrical fault. Fortunately, we have both, so we can find the source of your electrical problems quickly, efficiently, and just as importantly, cost-effectively. Homes designed a century ago, even a decade or so ago, are often not able to cope with our modern electrical needs. All our electrical devices in these instances run on often antiquated wiring systems, which overload or simply become brittle.

This makes an old wiring system dangerous, as well as making it difficult to carry out what should be routine tasks.

Types of electrical faults

  • Lights going dim
  • Wiring overload
  • Fuse blowing
  • Burning smell
  • Switches cracking
  • Green liquid oozing

Electrical faults can also occur due to accidents. Don't wait for wiring problems to occur. Update your wiring today to ensure continuous, safe use of electrical devices and appliances.